Sunday, May 14, 2017

Finally getting Obsessed...

A long time, no write...basically, I've been on a serious extended vacation...Mexico, Spain, France, Kenya, Scotland...yes, my life sucks. I really feel your sympathy coming across the lines.

In reality, I've been resting on my laurels, or more accurately, my poison ivy plants. And I'm done. Thanks the gods! Smoke Alarm Media has afforded me a wonderful life style, and I am grateful. But there is more out there, so much more for me to do.

One of my favorite movies from growing up was Masquerade, with Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly. I actually met Rob in Atlanta that summer at the Democratic National Convention, by the way, an event that others remember him for for different reasons. Whatever. I liked him them and like him now (insert a kickass interview with him about this here: Rob Lowe Interview). Be patient, I'm getting to the damn point...

So the premise of the movie is Lowe is captain of Obsession ("she kicked ass to windward"), and is equally obsessed with a wealth, via a comely heiress. And he will stop at nothing to get both, even though it *Spoiler Alert* costs him his life. And he still manages to do the right thing. All things considered, not too shabby.

Well, circumstances in me life have conspired to wake in moi the same Obsession. And realistically, that is what it takes (ask Grant Cardone) fucking Obsessed. So after a series of ongoing pivots, we are turning the page on Smoke Alarm Media, recently acquired by 12 Sirens, LLC, and refocusing on our purposes and our goals. The purpose? Be obsessed with the Greatest Pleasure, according to Walter Bagehot, which is Doing What People Say You Cannot Do. For us, it's producing well over 100 books, establishment of a highly profitable real-estate company, and most importantly, showing anyone who cares to listen, that there is a better way to a better life. If you have any questions, email me direct at

Cheers! And I will keep you posted on the journey...

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