Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Digging Through Horseshit to Find A Horse

There once was a little boy who was a hopeless optimist. This young boy would find something good in every circumstance that life threw his way. No matter what happened, this boy would never lose his spirit of optimism and he would always find a "silver lining in every cloud." He was so optimistic, that his parents began to worry. They thought, "Life can be tough and it can present challenges that our son will have to learn how to accept."
Now this boy wanted a horse more than anything else in life. He would pray every night that he would wake up the next morning and find his "horse" waiting for him in the yard. His parents thought that perhaps they could teach their boy a valuable lesson. So, they ordered a truck load of horse manure and had it piled up in their front yard one evening.
The next morning, when the little boy woke up, he went outside and saw the pile of horse manure. He ran out to the pile, scrambled up to the top, and began digging with his bare hands! When his parents saw what he was doing, they rushed outside and yelled at him, "Boy, what are you doing?"
Grinning ear to ear, he replied: "With all this horse manure, there just has to be a pony in here somewhere!"
Well, this week, and it's only Tuesday, has been like that.  We have had a rough go the past few days. Mean things said, silly things done.  And for whatever reason, I've forgotten to be optimistic and find that grain of benefit in this. At 12:42 this morning, it hit me like a freight train. It was so astounding, it is going to completely revamp our company and create a whole new damn profit model.  I could not believe it. Now just have to plan it all out...
So thank you, Jennifer McInnis, for dumping a huge pile of horseshit on my lawn. Because I found the fucking horse buried in it.

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