Monday, September 10, 2012

You Don’t Need Books For A Book Signing

Slade Weston making some great Apple-lachian Brown Betties

This weekend, Steve Weston had his launch party for his stellar book, In The Wild Chef, in Boise, Idaho.  The only hitch? No books. That’s right.

We had ordered them from the printer. We knew it was a tight deadline, but we thought we could make it.  Alas, one day late shipping, one holiday, and UPS closed on Saturday (really???), and all we had at the signing was the proof copy, and last minute samplers printed at Office Depot (which cost twice as much as the books. Ugh!).

And it went off perfectly.

Steve had his support network of friends, associates and others there at Sierra Trading Post to support him.  He had wicked cool t-shirts to give away. And he and friends prepared 4 recipes from his cookbook.  God it was delicious. We gave away free $25 gift cards. And a good time was had by all. On the way home, we stopped by Barnes & Noble to show them the sampler. They ordered 25 books.  Sweeeeetttt…

The result? In The Wild Chef bumped from #37 to #19 on Amazon. 

Which shows that with support and goodies, you don’t even need books at a book signing.

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