Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It’s 3 AM I must be lonely…

Yup. The clock isn’t exactly stuck at 3, but its making an interminable march towards it.  Am I lonely? How about alone instead?  Me and 3 AM are becoming fast friends, though.  

I am almost asleep…right on the edge…slipping…

Into another idea that lights up my brain like a phosphorus grenade.  In this case, it’s an extension of the Signature Tastes brand into 200 new markets.  Because I don’t have enough to do, right? So here I am, mapping out a production and distribution plan, sending out emails and inquiries and creating mock covers and such. No wonder people think I am a bit crazy. You would think so too if you saw my timestamps on my emails.

It will be successful, this I am sure of.  Because it woke me up from almost-sleep.  Your subconscious is always working, and once you get into that frame of mind where you are absorbed by your work, it will come through in spades for you.  Couldn’t it do it like 9 a.m. with a fresh Café au Lait instead? Apparently not.

But that is my life. I chose this, remember Siler?

And I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this anything in the world.

Except to maybe not see 3 AM for a few days…


  1. Just remember Siler what happens to you when you don't get your sleep!! I remember well.

  2. I subscribe to the Meadows Mantra of a Nap a Day, to keep me from destroying small local villages of whiners...