Friday, August 17, 2012

Working your ass off...

We have had a stellar month, and it’s only halfway done.  We have a certified best-seller in Signature Tastes of London, and released both Signature Tastes of Manhattan and Signature Tastes of Atlanta.  Next week we will release our first national book, In The Wild Chef, along with two more SigTastes (Portland and South Carolina).  In short, we have been working our asses off.

I have to turn to my friends at to explain…Dreaming is fun, achieving those dreams isn’t always so enjoyable. If you want the things you desire, you’re going to need to work your ass off. But it isn’t a matter of just doing a lot for a long time. There are different approaches to use along with working hard and you need to find a balance. It’s almost like an art form.

Work smarter while working harder
One of the new sayings I’ve been hearing more and more is frustrating me more and more; “Don’t work harder, work smarter.” I feel like a lot of people are taking it out of context and see it as advice to find the easiest and shortest way to achieving a goal. I look at working smarter not as the quickest route or cheating, but as learning from yesterdays mistakes so that you won’t repeat them again. If you want to achieve a goal you need to not only work smarter, you need to work harder than you have been.

Hard work can be mental work
Hard work may only seem like back breaking labor but there are a lot of people who are putting their minds to hard work. Most tasks that require you to do so are creative such as writing. When you’re doing mental work people might label you as “lazy” because they don’t see you running around, digging ditches, and lifting heavy items.

You need a little patience (or a lot)
Patience is an action you need to take with all your hard work. The results from doing hard work can take a long time to enjoy so you have to find patience to keep you going forward and sane. Don’t get discouraged though, because hard work does eventually produce results. When there’s an action, there has to be a reaction.

Know that good work is hard
Even if you’re doing noble work like helping the homeless, building wells in Africa, and changing lives, it’s going to be hard work. And a lot of the times it’s going to be harder than doing selfish work, perhaps that’s the reason not everyone does it.

Know what to sacrifice
When you’re working hard you’re going to have to make sacrifices. There’s no way around it. But you need to prioritize and know what is worth sacrificing and what isn’t worth missing.
A few things worth sacrificing:
  • A meal – If you’re healthy enough and have enough energy, it might be worth skipping a lunch or dinner once and a while to give yourself more time to achieve a goal.
  • Partying – I’m taking about going to get drunk. What’s the fun in it first of all? And secondly, what good are you getting from it, especially with regards to productivity?
  • Shopping – If you don’t need anything, try not to go for the fun of it. You spend money you don’t need to spend and you’ll have more junk to cram in your house.
  • Comfort - Go without sleep one night to finish something.  You did in college. I slept in my truck for two months in the dead of winter. It didn't kill me or even hurt me. But I saved money to produce my first book.
Be your biggest competitor
Working harder than other people is important, but your biggest competition is you. You’ve got to work harder and more efficient than you did in the past and you need to do things differently than you have been to achieve something you’ve never had. Hard work can become less like “work” when you have passion and find purpose in what you’re doing. Granted, if we meet head-to-head in business, I will win. because I want it more than you. But you really don't figure into my equation. I'm playing against Steven W. Siler.

If you see me on the streets of Vancouver, Seattle, Atlanta or Charleston, please take notice of two things.

The lack of ass in my drawers.

And the smile on my face.

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  1. A little sacrifice, a little extra effort, its amazing what hard/smart work can do for your life.