Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sell Mortimer, Sell!

We just finished a new book (In The Wild Chef), and I was asked by the author “Are you happy with the final product?”  And here is how I answered…

From where it came from, in the time frame that we had to operate, yes.

Understand I LIVE by the Pareto Principle...80% of your time is spent to produce 20% of the output. We could have gone over this thing 4 more times, and it would not be exactly what we wanted.  It never will. And it would be a piss-poor use of time.  Both our time should be spent on sales, marketing and a new book.

But as far as books go, they have a have a half-life of 18 months...second only to software. And just like software, its better to issue it to the public with bugs, than to wait until it is perfect.  Go for good, and make money, or wait for great and don't.  It's that simple.

I have seen horrid books...books much worse than ours, become best-sellers. By both of our admissions, we are not great authors/editors. And I have seen many, many more books that are much better than ours not sell 1,000 copies. What matters is not so much the content, but the marketing that you are doing now and going forward. Its all in the sales.

Why do you think that certain classics (The Great Gatsby, The Snows of Kilimanjaro) are considered great by our generation? Because we were TOLD they were, by teachers and others. Actually, they aren't any better or worse than many other books then and since.  But the Buzz doesn't stop, once you get it started.

My two-cents worth. And a free eBook of any of our Signature Tastes Cookbooks if you can tell me what movie the title of this post came from...

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