Saturday, June 30, 2012

Even Smart Asses Can Be Wrong

Those who have engaged me in even the most mundane of debates, know I value intelligence and truth. And wield them like a Big Ugly Cudgel. That being said, I love learning when I'm without further embroidery, here are some new facts that I was wrong on. And the are fascinating.
  • Napoleon was actually about 5'6" – taller than the average frenchman of the 1800s. The whole "little emperor" thing was actually just a term of endearment.
  • Columbus, by the way, thought the Earth was pear-shaped, not round.
  • JFK did not call himself a jelly doughnut in Berlin.
  • George Washington didn't have wooden teeth.
  • Chainmail is actually harder to move around in than plate armor.
  • Iron Maidens were not medieval torture devices.
  • Marco Polo didn't bring pasta to Italy from China. Arabs brought it from Libya in the seventh century.
  • Irregardless is a word.
  • 420 is not a police code.
  • No one actually said "ye" instead of "the" – it's just that the character for Th used to look like Y.
  • Hair and fingernails do not keep growing after you die. Your skin shrinks and makes it look like it.
  • If she said it, Marie Antoinette only said "let them eat cake" when she was 10 – long before peasants where rioting over starvation.

Very cool indeed. All these and more are available in this fascinating book. Happy reading!

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